At Vienneau Insurance, We Get It

Insurance is not glamourous. Nobody posts pictures of their new car insurance policy on Instagram, and you'd be hard pressed to find many Facebook posts about peoples' "awesome new home insurance policy". Let's face it, insurance is a lot like preparing our income taxes; it can be complicated, we pay for it because we have to, and the benefits of what we're paying for are not always immediately obvious. We get this.

It's about value

"Give me exactly what I need - no more and no less - at your best price… and, please, make it easy!" This is what we've heard from our clients over the years, and this is how we operate.

It only makes sense to want to keep your insurance bill down, and that's one of the benefit that we bring to the table. We can shop your insurance policies with a variety of insurance companies when pricing gets out of line. However there are also other real advantages to dealing with us over those do-it-yourself online companies, or insurance call centers that claim that they can save you a few dollars.

Your Trusted New Brunswick Brokers

We are a local independent insurance broker, and this is more than a catchphrase… it actually means something for you. The broker part means that we have access to a number of insurance companies, most of who deal exclusively through brokers. In other words, we shop on your behalf for the best product that fits your specific needs, at the best available price. The independent part means just that… that we are free of any "sketchy" ties to any of the insurers that we work with that could cause confusion or conflict when it comes to choosing insurance for our clients. Since we don't work for an insurance company, we're on your side when it comes to dealing with an insurance claim.

The local part means that we operate like a small local business, because that's exactly what we are. You can sit down with us face-to-face if that's your style. Or, give us a call and talk to real people, not a "press 1, press 2" call center. If you want to talk to Nicole, you talk to Nicole (or anyone else on our team)… it's pretty simple. However, local doesn't have to mean "behind the times". We continue to invest in technology to ensure that you can deal with us on your terms, which could mean requesting a policy change on our website at 2:00 AM, or texting in a question during lunch, or filing an insurance claim over the weekend.

Fact is, we've been around for the better part of 70 years now, and although we don't want to sound cocky, we're getting pretty good at this insurance thing (heck, it's all we've ever done!). To learn more about the Vienneau Insurance story, click here.